Sloane: ethic’s bussiness

The movie Sloane is about a woman in charge of governmental issues to pass bills in order to be mandatory. The main character is a woman, Elizabeth Sloane, who is willing to do anything to win. Therefore, we see her as a Machiavellian person moving the pieces (people) all around to show she is right. We see her working 24/7; she seems succesful for having a job and apparently no scruples to win. This seems contradictory in Sloane who on the one hand fights gun-control, but on the other hand manipulates her co-workers to advance in her poll.

Lobbying is about foresight; about anticipating your opponent’s moves and devising counter measures. The winner plots one step ahead of the opposition, and plays her trump card just after they play theirs. It’s about making sure you surprise them so that they don’t surprise you.

Her life has to be all measured and controlled so she doesn’t give her enemies elements to attack her, but when she is willing to go even against herself to prove a point, she’s able to cross the line between what she is fighting against and what is right. In what seems to be a perfect world, we may get a glimpse of that void in her life. Aftere all, she can prove to others how great she is, but at the end of the day, she goes home alone because she has no one to trust.

George Dupont: What’s going on with you?!
Elizabeth Sloane: The current system is so coarse it floats.
George Dupont: I don’t remember you caring ever, one way or another about guns.
Elizabeth Sloane: My position solidified somewhere between Columbine and Charleston. Come on, George, any head case, felon or terrorist can buy an assault rifle from a gun show, the Internet or his buddy at the bowl-o-rama without so much as an ID. Heaton-Harris puts a stop to that.
George Dupont: Christ, Liz, this is the gun lobby. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been trying to reel them in? Now, something happened, someone you know was a victim of a gun crime.
Elizabeth Sloane: Nonsense, I work on behalf of causes I believe in. That’s how I sleep at night.
George Dupont: You don’t sleep at night. You sit and obsess about winning no matter the cause.

Her rhethoric is inspiring and shows us how we can say so much with so few words. We may see her being stubborn, but the fact is that when you know your audience and know how they feel, then she is able to make them see what she sees and feel what she wants. It may be manipulation, but not the facts. Always be prepared and find what your opponent likes and dislike to win a discussion. Use your intelligence to make a point and stop being a victim of the system.

Esme Manucharian: I’ll keep fighting, Elizabeth. Whenever I can make a difference. And as far as possible away from you.

The main issue is the way Ethics is ruled over the lobby in terms of approving o disapproving moral matters that affect the population. Ethics cannot be sold to the best bider. What is wrong is wrong, no matter who says it; it is not about the amount of money that guarantees you the right to defend killing another human being, nor the beliefs you have of any matter. Killing is taking the life of another. No matter what the reasons are, to kill is to stop the existance of a living being to change his or her ways.

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