The tolerance tsunami

We live in a tsunami of believing and doing what we want without facing the consequences. To face the truth that comes out of our actions. Being responsible for the consequences of what we do, and to be able to rectify if we need to. To stop being self-indulgent to all the bad things that happens around us.

Tolerance has created a reign of relativity, as Benedict XVI said.

We are under a totalitarian reign of relativism ruled by tolerance of any kind of behavior without respect for each other. We need to go back to basics where human nature is free and capable to take responsibility. Our behavior is the action of what we think and want: good and truthful. Otherwise, we will commit atrocities to human nature, like we are facing now in all over the world.

Even inside a concentration camp, there is freedom in a person. To believe and follow the truth. What is dehumanizing every person? It may not be only on a concentration camp anymore, but in our culture. We lack heroes, role models to look up to. There must be a guide that leads us to our fulfillment in life, to transcend; not to do whatever we want, but to be prepared for what is coming. To act without doubt as Mandela says.

From deprived emotions and curiosity to relative apathy. Mandela suffered an emotional death, and for things surrounding his environment. But there’s something that still affects:

The most painful part of beatings is the insults which they imply.

Inner freedom is what gives a man a sense of what life is after all. In spite of all the enforced physical and mental primitiveness, it was possible for his spiritual life to deepen.

Sensitive people with a rich intellectual life may have suffered much pain (they were often of a delicate constitution). But the real damage to their inner selves was less. They were able to retreat from their terrible surroundings to a life of inner riches and spiritual freedom.

The salvation of mankind is through love and in love itself. When a man loves it compromises him to leave himself and see another. Humor was another of the soul’s weapons in the fight for self-preservation. It is well known that humor can afford an aloofness and the ability to rise above any situation, even if only for a few seconds.

Human nature needs to be defended by the people who cares for it. To let the truth shine once more without lies and obscurity that makes us look away of what we truly are: free men and women.

In this modern society that treats us as if we were in a concentration camp. We may say that the Nazis are the media that keep telling us of our animal necessities, instead of our rational and corporeal ones.

New generations live in conflict, and we are to blame if we stay without educating them in what humans really are. We must learn to love ourselves for who we are: mind and body and not for what we feel. What we think of things matters most than being affected by it.


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