A thousand words

There are so many things we may say during a day. But do we really say what we mean? Do we really say it with meaning? 

Nowadays there are lots of people talking all the time but don’t listen to what they are saying. We are used to answer instead of listening to others, it is like a fight for owning reasons. But what do we really want to say? What dies life needs me to say? Do I want to have meaning?

In silence we are able to know what we really need to hear others, ourselves, and the music of the universe as Pythagoreans used to say. We need to find the answers from within, to know who we are, and what to do with our life. 

To speak a thousand words in a day without meaning is throwing away the oportunity to make a change in the world, your world. To have the hability to speak is a gift we have and earn to make sense in the world. What does the others need from you? What can you give?

Our words can give life or take it. We need to be careful with what we say to make our life easier or harder. Our mouth can open doors or close them once we speak. We just need to be aware of what we say. 

What we mean transforms into actions. To make a change in what is happening with the world it can be because we don’t listen to what is really happening. Learn to express what you really mean, nobody can contradict us if we really mean it. 

Speaking is easy, but to choose whom to talk is what matter most. Depending on what matters the most we tend to mean things to make a difference in our lives. Speak from within not from the outside. 


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