Know, want and feel good

Human actions are free when they involve 3 actions: knowledge, will and feeling.
  • Knowledge of what we are about to do with all its consequences
  • Will to assent that what we are doing is the best thing to do
  • And feelings that are in the way to act. 
If we don’t exercise this 3 steps, the action can’t be free, by different symptoms: ignorance, forced, or no action at all. For example, if we want to go to jail we must do something worth the punishment; prove that we am aware of the choices and actions. To have a plan to execute, and wanting to do it by showing our intentions. All those factors influence the choices we are taking to be free.
Socrates used to say:
“A wrongdoer acts because of his ignorance”.
If we really know what we can and can’t do, it is impossible one fails. The problem is that he didn’t realize that the Will is able to make a choice against every reason. If the coices we have aren’t enough to act, there is a possibility that we don’t feel like doing the right thing. Feelings are also important in our liberty, the reactions we have tend to blinds us from doing good.
We can say we are free, not because we do whatever we want to do, but by facing our actions with responsibility. By acknowledging the actions that may follow from what we do. To have a 360° view of our choices to do what we want considering every variable that may come in our way and the unexpected result.
For example, having a friend doesn’t mean by having the same tastes or ideas. It’s important but not the only thing we have to consider. A friend is when we like to talk to, know what they think, share good and bad moments. To have a friendship we must commit to make it work, but not because we must, but because we want to.
There’s a contrast between religious people that doesn’t live by their faith or they believe in a God and predicate His word. But there is no coherence with how they act and take advantage of their image to abuse or disobey. There is a lack of commitment between our own beliefs and lives. They don’t act as they preach, they are missing an element: feeling. To sell an idea we must share the same feeling to begin. Also the reasons may be against, but if we agree on the things we can do to make the world better, we can do it.
Love is a universal language. With specific actions that reminds us to share, to commit and face our reality. To profess we must believe and live by what we think and want. Because we believe in the length of our present actions to light up the future.



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