The giver and the risk of languaje

In a near future when societies needs to defend themselves from real threats and the constant search for meaning; humankind hasn’t varied who we really are. But what would happend if we loose all meanging from the world? If we express ourselves without the intention behind what we say? To be more and more precise in language to avoid our true feelings and ideas that keeps us from harm?
Chief Elder: When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong. Every single time.
It is the same idea to prevent others from suffering that keeps humankind away from itself. What keeps us in the dark to a new way of living avoiding what is a part of us: feelings. As if Emotions keeps us from what is good, the colour of life. And so this story we make call it: prophetic. People change words to disguise the true meaning of what is really happening. For example: euthanasia is to kill a person to preserve his or her dignity. To say it different doesn’t mean that we aren’t acting. The truth is in reality, not in our perspective, to change it is to lie to ourselves.
Jonas: I had learned that knowing what something is, is not the same as knowing how something feels.
The giver is a special job where there is a chance to See Far Beyond things that maintains the sense in the world hiding. Where an Elder transmit the past and learn the secret history of the world, when things were different. Those things are written in books, those weapons that confuse humankind. The past is kept in the dark so there is no future, there is no progress just stability, to be secure.
The Giver: Memories are not just about the past. They determine our future. You can change things. You can make things better.
The past can teach us who we are and what we can do. To make a change in the world, but in a controled society where the Rules abstain us from our humanity. 
“Use precise language, wear your assigned clothing, take your morning medication, obey the curfew, never lie.”
Those are the main ideas to be the same with others, who would want to be different? It is better to mingle with others than to stand out for being “wierd”, “crazy”. To know the truth is the power we have to make this world better. To accept who we are is to know that feelings and emotions are a part of who we are and be better. Intelligence and Will are empty if we do not feel. Plato’s cave may remind us that feelings avoid the knowing of truth, but it is the exact mean to know it, to aprehend it. 
Plato’s idea of a just society and a far better one consist on the State. Education, reproduction and recreation must come from the State that watches over society to become better and just. Like the movie, where all that keeps us from being our best is taken from us to be controlled by Laws.

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