Change terrorism

A new attack has shaken the media, and saddness overcomes us to find out that another country has been victim to violence. It may seem that terror is taking over the world with a simple message: the world needs to change. 
The main issue here is, if you have been trying to change the world for over two decades, and havn’t change it, does it work? Apparently no, as there is more violence in the world, people havn’t understood. If your plan is supposed to raise awareness, why not hear what the people say? The response is null because there is no one to answer. 

It may seem education is key, but what education? Math won’t solve the problem, but virtues and thinking will. 

If you think of the world as an irrational mass, you may be right. It is. That is why you have to make a point that shows the lack of conciousness in the world. Not by killing people you randomly select, but the ones that are avoiding this: yourself. That is what kills us, your desinterest of making a commitment and taking the easy road: blame it on others. 

Your death will represent an emptiness and the world will continue to act the same. Change terrorism, change your world not others; if you are not willing to start with yourself. 


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