Aiming higher

As Buber explains, humans are in a constant war between himself and other, between body and soul. The art of living consist in dealing with both substances. Not to overrule one another but to make an action that brings the best in both of them. Like listening to music, admiring nature, etc.
What the Western Thought means to me is the way we are living right now. Our brain is completely formed in the classical way of thinking: to behave good to win a prize. And if we add religion and beliefs of who we are: to be happy. So in behalf of this, the knowledge of myself is the constant seearch for meaning of life and how to achieve it in the best possible way.
The thing that strikes me the most is the common quest I’m trying to apply in my life. As Buber says: ‘To foster a common quest for truth leading a personal and social commitment in all the world’. To educate myself in all the concepts and living the truth with the people who think alike. Through friendship and commitment to make a change in our own circumstances while searching for the Truth. In the beauty of life, in the goodness of the human actions, such as ethics, and in truth by the example of a coherent way of living. My aim is completely anthropologic, in theory as in practice to search for the integrity and unity of the human life in all ways possible.

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