Maybe communism won…

As Ana Halpine says in her essay, “They were not movements which were motivated politically; rather, they were motivated in order to begin to reclaim their dignity as individuals living for and within the truth… as the result of many small efforts of individual people who decided each and every day to live the truth in themselves and to live that truth in the world around them.” It is of great importance to rename everyday-life heroes, the people that are willing to make a stand of what they believe, not because of any regime, social or political agenda, but by what they make in their everyday life to find solutions to the problems surrounding them. To protect life knowing that it is the most precious value we have in the world and to give that life a meaning through existence by defying their constant situation they face everyday. People make history not by following what others tell them what to do, but by standing up with values, universal values, that remind the rest of the world what are the human rights, Pope John Paul II, Frankl, Maritain, Paderewski, and Shostakovitch have made great claims that are being made not only about who the human person but on the relationship to the kind of societies we build, even if they need to risk their own lives by telling the truth. “The achievements of the resistance movements remain a sure guide and inspiration for us. These movements understood the power of truth; the power of culture; and the power of working together for a common aim. The leadership of these movements confronted reality, shared their vision with the people and trusted that the force of their vision, grounded in the reality of truth, would sustain them in adversity and ultimately free them from the lies enmeshed in the culture.”

Maybe Communism didn’t win the political and social regime, but maybe, just maybe won many of the ideas that are being spread in the youth, with all of the relativist dictatorship and the tsunami of tolerance, most of the world’s values are being tested… “On a global scale the dignity of the person is being threatened in real ways. Human cloning, abortion, HIV/AIDS and the ways which we distribute foreign aid are all symptoms of a flawed understanding of the human person… What we are witnessing is a new cultural transformation among a generation of youth who are being inspired and equipped with the tools necessary to propose a clear vision of the person to the world.”

The WYA is a great element and a constant reminder of what the Human Rights are, but I believe that there is more to do within it. Not only being in the UN fighting or discussing human dignity to later spread it to the world, but by starting educating younger generations to be able to change their societies by changing their lives. By this I mean, to teach the youth how to live a coherent live within every culture, and one way to do it is by living the universal language of values and virtues to be able to respond to the transcendental: truth, good and beauty.


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