Age quod agis

“Do what you are doing” is the latin way to say FOCUS and what is known for mindfulness as a state  where we attend our actions by concentrating on them without letting our mind wander to other things that keeps us from enjoying life to the fullest.

The romans used this frase as being in the moment as the stoics used to say: Carpe diem to live life at the fullest, to sieze the day. We can learn from them that the simple things in out life have a trascendental meaning where we can learn to be happy right here and right now. Happiness is not at the end of the rainbow, is the path to live a full life, with meaning.

Nowadays we don’t have time to think on what we like and what we want. All the noise and the fast information that seems to attack us has been keeping us in the dark of who we really are and what we want.

It cannot be confused with the motto YOLO where we can resume it as “do the most stupid things in a day”. To sieze the day is to make your everyday life filled with meaning, with intention to make the present last forever with trascendental actions.


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