Logan and conciousness

Logan is the film based of Wolverine a member of the X men, a mutant league that helps save the world from other evil mutants. Thanks to Professor Xavier they are educated and learn to control their powers or mutations for the good of human kind. In this battle between humans and mutants, Wolverine is the rebel that becomes one of the main characters of the comic book.
Wolverine has become a hit, that the film industry has made a series of movies to explain his life through the years. His mutation and character becomes the center piece of the main issue: why him? And how can I get rid of it? This are the main questions we ask ourselves at a point in our lives. Logan’s thirst to know himself has taken him to live far more than any other mutant, his ability to regenerate and his adamantium implants has become his fortune and curse.

This film takes place in the near future where there are no more mutants, humans have destroyed them. There are a few left and Logan is keeping alive Professor Xavier. This fight against humankind has come to an end where mutants are gone and there is no one else to protect earth.

Logan: Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long.

As the epic battle comes to an end, Logan finds out that mankind is making mutants by taking their genes to build weapons for the government. When a younger mutant comes to the scene, Logan finds out that this girl is his “daughter” and was raised in a mexican hospital to be a weapon instead of a kid.

The main problem is when science interferes with mankind and expect it to behave as a robot with a series of configurations to act according. But human beings have a conscience that tells them who they are and percive a sense of what is good and bad. We can teach them to fight and act in a way but we will never stop thinking about our actions and who we are. Our place in the world is one of the main questions about our identity, and the present actions we do become a part of who we are. We can’t be another person and change who we are, we can only be better or worse.


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