Woman power

 When we speak about gender and sex, we sometimes confuse what is gender (legal) with sex (biology). To make a point, in biology there are 2 sexes according to the unification of the chromosomes vary in 2 ways: XX (man) and XY (woman). Gender means to the social distinction between a boy or girl. Nowadays we speak of gender as a simplification of our sex, but the fact that we are born as a man or a woman. But the main problem I see is not the sex, nor the gender, but the fact that we fight for equality as adults but we behave as kids.
Women want rights, girls want to play to be mature. When a woman is capable to stand up for herself, then she will have rights. But if a woman wants that someone else stands up for her, then she is a girl. She is uncapable to assume all the responsability that other women have fought for it. Women don’t want girl power, they want real power to change the world with the right and obligation that come with this fight. Girls want to fight for their rights but when the obligations come, they don’t want it and blame others.
Women defines herself, she doesn’t need a man to be defined. What women want is to be free from the girl that wants to take on the world but when it goes rough, then she backs off. She knows what she is capable off, what she wants and is able to work for it. Sensuality has never been her problem, that is a man’s problem. If she accepts who she is, she can change the world and influence on people by being who she is: a woman.

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