Lala land and freedom

Lala land is one of the most awarded pictures of all times, and it comes to us in a time when the world is in such state with religious, political, economical and social wars that contribute to the world crisis.

The movie is based on a young girl that wants to make it in the movie bussiness. Life in Hollywood with the constant chase for a major roll and to have a life changing experience and become famous. All she needs is one chance to change her destiny.

As we watch the movie with all the colours and music we can appreciate what life is through jazz. Its music takes us to another level where we try to fight for our survival, to have our 5 seconds of solo (fame) and then to mingle with the other instruments that complement our purpouse in existance. Life is about being in the world with all the kind of people that makes us hear they way we sound.

The parallelism in both lives, the struggle, the dreams, the project and the talent shows us that anyone can do it. But if we aren’t willing to share the dream and make sacrifices, then we may travel different. That is what happens to the main characters, they fell in love, but didn’t share any of their passions to make it work. That’s why we see two versions of their love life, what you are willing to give to be succesfull.

The taste of freedom in this movie shows us the things we choose in the present affects the things to come in the future. The happy ending is all about us here and now.


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