It is know the frase “You Only Live Once” as a personal motto for young people (not by age, but by attitude) to dare to do things that you’ll regret later. YOLO is a constant denial of the “what if” as a possibility in life. By denying it you are able to live amazing experiences and live to tell it. 
This idea of living life may have a wrong view of it. To waste precious time doing things that aren’t worth it or to live by the moment instead of investing it on things that matter. For example, taking the coolest picture of you, rather take a picture with meaning, that changes the way you see the world through the beauty it has. There are many things in life that gives us meaning that can be appreciated by others and change the way they view life
YOLO is a simplistic version of an egotistical life, where we care for others to recognize us for the things we have or pretend to do, while there are other things to fulfill the meaning of us being there, how we change the world and make it a better place. To live in the moment is one way to justify that we don’t want to comitt in leaving others a new way to see and live life. 
Humankind cannot live in the moment, because we are always thinking of the future, what we will do next, what will others think or do… etc. We need a certanty of the future, that is why we are always measuring time even when we are having a good time. So instead of YOLO, why not YODO? “You Only Die Once” that changes the game, because if we only live to die once, then what we do matters, and cannot live a simple life, but filled with meaning because every minute counts
When death is near we stop doing things as machines or to be the next sensation, but to realize our place in the world: to make a better one within our reach. Life isn’t a gameboy where you have many lives that restores every time we go to sleep. This life is our only chance to make a difference, why waste it?

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