Earn yourself

Whatever you do or think has a consequence in the real world. Our body and mind are connected, what we feel influence our thoughts and what we think affects our feelings. We are one through life. 

Who we are is the summ of many social, political, religious and physical factors. All of them make us the way we are, but not entirely those things doesn’t determines us. We are much more than that, because we are able to change our life with concrete actions. 

If you want to change the world, the wars, politics, religions, all the bad things we see around us that may chocke us. We think we can’t stand it, but why? What is happening to the good things that we were taught? If we all want happiness why is it so hard to achieve it? 

The main problem is that we think that we deserve happiness just for being who we are, easy and without effort. Instead happiness is something we have no matter what, where or when we are. We are the owners of our happiness, of our life and our future. But why is it so hard? 

To change violence with violent actions is the way we can continue the cycle we are trying to fight. Violence is the easiest way to make a difference but is not effective because it doesn’t change the world, it only changes you. If you want to change things work hard to be the best employee, friend, son, father, mother, student you can be. 

You are not alone in this, we are more people than you think who are fighiting to make this world better. In our own life and society we change things that doesn’t catch our attention but make the world better. 

Own yourself in your actions, don’t expect others to do things and make a change. Be responsible  for your actions, own yourself and stop being a victim of this world. Face reality and earn it, be good with concrete actions. Don’t pretend what others have to do. 


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