Control what you feel

There are many times when we feel bad about when people insult us. Also the insult may weight more or has a different meaning (even though is the same insult) when someone we care about tells us. This may be because we feel they are right, wich is wrong. 

If we know who we are and what we aren’t. Why do we feel bad? That is mainly because we don’t control our emotions and we let others handle them. People shouldn’t make you feel good or bad about yourself, only you have that power. So why give it to others?

If we know who we are, like Socrates “know thyself”, then we are able to see who we are and what we want. To let others tell you is wrong. Who can know better what is good for you if not you? The answer is love. To love yourself is to know you, and by knowing you, you accept yourself and then fall in love. Also the people who loves you accept who you are (if they try to change you, then they don’t love you). 

So the next time someone insults you, don’t fall into their trap. You know who you are, own yourself and move on. People who insult you doesn’t need to be around you. Choose wisely, because you love yourself. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. 


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