Festina lente

Nowadays we are in a fast world, everyone hurries to get anywhere and nowhere. We are used to live in a rapid way of life: to work fast, to answer fast, to think fast and to have a fast promotion to be succesful. 

We believe that being in a fast lane we are better, wiser and happier, but the fact is that when we want to be fast we mess up things. 

There is an old saying that goes: festina lente which means to hurry but slowly. There was a king that told his servant “dress me slowly that I am in a hurry”. Now we may think that’s a contradiction where we want to be there in a blink of the eye, but prepearing ourselves in calm. Is that possible? 

When we are in a hurry we do things we later repent from doing them in that way. So in a stoic way we might understand that to be fast we need to be prepared if not things will be messier that they were. Life is a process and it doesn’t depend on us. What happens will happen not for us but for a all powerful will. 

Learn to live in a fast world but not in a hurry, be prepared in the time that we are given. 


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