Don’t feel love, do it

Many people think that being in love is a matter of feelings, if we don’t feel the sparkle then we aren’t in love. When in fact being in love is totally different from feeling it. What we do with our actions are proof of what we think and want. 

Love is not a feeling, is an action where one gives it all to make the other happy even though he or she don’t correspond us. We may think that is kind of slavery, but when we are in love we want the other to have all the happiness with or without us. Only true love doesn’t mind giving it all. 

Philosophers have talked about love, one of the first to adress this matter is Plato in the Symposium. He defines love as Eros the god of love that is always searching for beauty and wisdom because he knows he doesn’t have them. So to posses them is a constant search with concrete actions in a constant way to achieve it. This idea is the same with being in love, we always care for the other because we cannot really posses them, so to guarantee that we need to act on a daily basis to conquer our love until we give it all. 

And what a better way to give it all than us. When we love we are showing the other that we are worth of bein loved. Like a bet we are telling our loved ones to bet on us. That is why we act different with them, we treat them as VIP guests, even if they aren’t. Don’t be afraid to love, if you aren’t loved back, then they are not worth our love, their loss. 

Happy valentine’s day!


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