Thoughts on Philosophy

Philosophy is the science that searches for meaning in the life of man. By asking questions about the universe, we figure out that everything is related. We are in the world for something and we affect the world with our presence.

Philosophy is the discipline that questions existence to find meaning in ours. It also help us have and idea about the future. What does that help me be a better person? Philosophy doesn’t work with ideas only, but meaning. To be plentiful in every aspect of life without prejudices nor fear. To know and act according, and be able to offer others new perspectives.

We tend to speak and reach others with our ideas, to change what we perceive and give meaning to everything we do. Philosophy help us to be ourselves. Not to pretend or to know everything about everything. But to now what is relevant for our journey, for our life. Philosophy changes our perspective of the way things are, to how we can use them to our benefit.

Philosophy transcend others with our ideas and our actions. We can be able to see things different, from a scientific way with critical eyes to see what we have to do.

Philosophy is for people who dare to act. Not to say what is wrong in the world without changing it. If we only criticize we end up being a part of the problem and not the solution. We need people who dare. To change things and not to leave them and point the problem expecting others to solve it.

Philosophy is how we call things. It doesn’t matter if it works, but because is the right thing to do. To change the sense in words we affect ourselves in how we know the world. We can never have a language without meaning. Philosophy is about language and actions. If we separate them we lose all purpose of what we do.

Philosophy is action, concrete actions of our great ideas.

Ancient philosophers taught their students to have a life with meaning. Instead we take the meaning to fill them with useless facts and information. To know what to do with life and then let them reach it in he best way possible. Without imposing ideas or concepts, but to follow their heart to what they are ment to do. Grades never mattered in the real world. To what purpose if not to make us vulnerable to our use of memory instead of our use of knowledge? To know is to see reality in a different way, a universal way and to act accordingly.

To meet the end of our life and not to be only one of the many who tried. If we are ment to be happy, then philosophy will help us reach it. Not confuse nor misdirect us, but to know what we want and go for it. Philosophy must help us find happiness not mix us up.


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