We are who we are

Many times we think of ourselves as an incomplete, unfinished and mistaken work of art. That is because we are constantly feeling bad about who we are, and find ourselves wondering how our life would be if we were someone else. 

The problem of bad self-esteem is precisely that: we don’t accept ourselves and want to change that. As if being other person would be the solution to our problems. But, if we don’t want to be ourselves, then who will we be?

We cannot be the others, neither anyone else can be us. We are who we are, and we need to be us in the best way we can: by accepting who we are. The only person who can be the best in what we do is ourselves, nobody can do things the way we do… only us. 

Stoics teaches us that to be happy we need to accept the Will that made us like this. If we fight who we are, we will be miserable. We will never find peace. But if we accept who we are, then whatever happens we will still be us. 

Also the cynics teaches us not to give a f** what others think of us, as long as we are true to ourselves we can be happy. Most of the time people coment about what happens in the world, if you do something why you did it, if you didn’t why you didn’t. We will always have a problem with someone for the way we are. And guess what?! That is their problem not ours. 

Learn to love yoursel by accepting your flaws and virtues. Nobody can do it better than you. The only NO you’ll have is yourself. 


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