When we are thinking about aour problems, we may fall into a personal abyss. If we don’t lean back to get perspective, we may certainly be stuck with the problem in more ways than one. 

The fact is that when we are in the middle of the storm we can’t look as clear as we are supposed to. 

That is why gaining perspective is the best way to see the whole picture. As we let go of our feelings and thought to clear our minds so we can understand better. To give time to accept the facts or to dismiss them as we see fit. To aknowledge what we feel and accept those feelings will help us to put them behind so we can see the real problem. 

Stoics help us to understand what we feel so we can control the situations. Many times we act by impulse and we end up regretting our resolution. To accept what happens in our selves help us to see in perspective. 


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